Creative solutions


At Arenalogic, our commitment to innovation drives us to explore new ways to improve and expand our tactical training offerings. By thinking outside the box and embracing new technologies, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in flight simulation and training for F-16 pilots and operators. In this article, we will highlight some of the solutions we have developed to enhance our training programs and deliver unparalleled value for our customers.

  1. Enhancing Live Training with Live/Virtual/Constructive Capabilities: Our live/virtual/constructive capabilities not only enhance simulation training on the ground but also significantly improve the possibilities and realism of ongoing live training. By integrating our solution with existing Link16 and radio networks, we can inject computer-generated forces and capabilities of rare assets like JSTARS and AWAC into live scenarios, creating a more dynamic and immersive training experience.
  2. Integrating Real-World Challenges: We understand that simply simulating a system is not enough to provide effective training. There are often overlooked details that can significantly impact the training process. That’s why we pay close attention all systems, to ensure that our training solutions accurately replicate real-world challenges.
  3. Realistic Integration with External Systems: Our solution has proven its ability to seamlessly integrate with real-world systems such as GCI, JTAC, AWAC, and JSTAR platforms during exercises like NATO’s SPARTAN WARRIOR. By simulating the latencies and frequencies of interactions between all platforms involved, we create a realistic environment that enables high-quality tactical training for all participants.
  4. Customizable Computer-Generated Forces: Our training solutions offer realistic computer-generated forces for both blue and red air and ground threats. These forces can be tailored and controlled by the instructor station during execution, providing trainees with exposure to specific tactical situations. Instructors can pre-plan scenarios with different levels of tactical capability, allowing pilots to experience the outcomes of their tactical decisions against reproducible threat actions.


At Arenalogic, our commitment to innovation allow us to continually improve and expand our tactical training offerings for F-16 pilots and operators. By developing unique features, embracing new technologies, and integrating with real-world systems, we are redefining the future of flight simulation and tactical training, ensuring our customers receive the best possible training experience.