Product overview


The ArenaLogic F-16 Tactical Simulation Center is a cutting-edge solution that brings a new level of realism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to pilot training. Designed with years of experience and feedback from F-16 flight simulators, this advanced system offers an unmatched combination of features and benefits that make it a game-changer in the world of flight simulation. In this product overview, we will guide you through the unique aspects of our simulation center solution, showcasing its competitive advantages and the incredible value it brings to the table.

Highly Realistic Multi-Ship & Joint Tactical Training:

At the core of the ArenaLogic F-16 Tactical Simulation Center is a commitment to delivering highly realistic multiship and joint tactical training. The system fully supports Levels 2 and 3 of simulation training, enabling individual pilots to get hands-on tactical training, and allowing multiple pilots to train in a collaborative and highly realistic tactical environment. Read more about the levels and the concept behind them in the Arenalogic Simulation center whitepaper. With a focus on accurate flight modeling, avionic and subsystem simulations, and computer-generated forces, pilots can experience realistic pacing, intensity, and outcomes in a wide range of tactical situations.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Solution:

ArenaLogic’s F-16 Tactical Simulation Center offers a shared cost model between several customers, making it an affordable and efficient alternative to traditional approaches. Built on COTS products, the system is easy to maintain and can be tailored to specific air force requirements in less than 6 months, including air force-specific customization. Additionally, the simulation center allows pilots to train with new systems, weapons, and OFP updates before they’re available in the aircraft, ensuring that they’re always ahead of the curve.

Connect to Shared Sim Exercises with Other Countries:

The F-16 Tactical Simulation Center enables pilots to connect to shared sim exercises with other countries, fostering international collaboration and enhancing the overall training experience. The system’s interoperability allows for seamless integration with NATO simulation exercises like SPARTAN WARRIOR, providing a realistic training environment for pilots, JTACs, and GCI controllers.

Live/Virtual/Constructive Tactical Training:

The most recently developed capability of the ArenaLogic F-16 Tactical Simulation Center is the integration of live, virtual, and constructive scenarios. This feature allows customers to enhance the efficiency and realism of live training by connecting simulators to live scenarios via Link16, injecting computer-generated forces onto the live Link16, and enabling radio communication between all simulated and live players. The result is a significant enhancement to the possibilities and realism of live training, while reducing the demand for live F-16 red air opponents.


The ArenaLogic F-16 Tactical Simulation Center is a revolutionary product that offers powerful advantages in terms of realism, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. With advanced features like highly realistic tactical training, shared cost models, international collaboration capabilities, and live/virtual/constructive scenarios, this system is set to transform the way F-16 pilots are trained, delivering unparalleled value to air forces around the world. Discover the ArenaLogic difference and experience the future of flight simulation today.