Professional aircraft simulation software for training and test.


We know that two key elements play a significant role in simulator development and acceptance by aviators.

The first is realism, and the second is training effectiveness (or transfer of training)

About us

Arenalogic’s products are based on The Air Combat Trainer (ACT), which has been in operational use by NATO Air Forces since 2008.
European based.

Arenalogic is a Danish privately owned military training and simulation company, located near Århus in Denmark.
The company has a small and agile organization, which is lead by the owners of the company.

For military.
Arenalogic support the military in reducing their training expenses through cost effective and integrated simulation systems, while simultaneously achiving measurable increases in operational performance.
Our framework.
Products based on our framework is in use in several locations around the world, in support of military aircrew training and interoperability test, Link 16, Targeting pod, weapons training and more.
Other products.
Arenalogic also offer complete mission training center solutions, independent training products, as well as a set of software components, simulation tools and services.


Below you can see some of our customers and projects.

The Arenalogic Air Combat Training system (ACT) has reduced the cost of our training, increased our pilots operational capabilities and helped us get new training functionalities to pilots sooner. We needed an affordable, easy-to-update, high fidelity training capacity, with ability to expand and integrate with other cost-effective simulator systems. The Arenalogic system meet our requirements

Royal Danish Air Force

Major Martin “AMI” Friis. Chief of Fighter Branch., Tactical Air Command.

BAE Systems Aerosystems int.

Arenalogic reduced BAE Aei
time to market by integrateing and delivering simulation solutions including ACT link 16 PTT & ACT scenario generator DIS/HLA bridge to NATO customer.

Air Force Institute of Technology

Arenalogic support AFIT expand capabilities in C4ISR interoperability test, with the ACT F-16 Link 16 PTT. that allow aircrew to practice aircraft avionic and be exposed to an operational environment without leaving the ground.

International Test Pilot School (ITPS)

Arenalogic provide ITPS with
access to advanced flight
simulation tools, which increase
the value of ITPS offerings and
allow the company to win more market share.

GTD Sistemas de informacion

Arenalogic initial investment
reduced risk and provided easy
acces to simulation technology
through HLA compliant flight simulator for a R & D effort.

How can we help you?

Arenalogic can provide the complete solution or enter a partnership, that enable partnering businesses to co-develop, own and offer simulation and training solutions for its products.

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