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Day & Night & Weather operation
All tactical relevant systems simulated
Live+sim aircraft (LVC) & PCDS integration
Multiship F-16 tactical simulation



The Arenalogic Air Combat Training system has reduced the cost of our training, increased our pilots operational capabilities and helped us get new training functionalities to pilots sooner. We needed an affordable, easy-to-update, high fidelity training capacity, with ability to expand and integrate with other cost-effective simulator systems. The Arenalogic system meet our requirements

Major Martin “AMI” Friis. Chief of Fighter Branch., Tactical Air Command.

Royal Danish Air Force

The Training system has meant that it is now possible to use a simulator that is completely up-to-date on the software side and compatible to the F-16 aircraft that we use in the Danish Defence. The simulators allow us to train important tactics and procedures in a time-saving and inexpensive way in addition to the pilots’ actual flight training. With the new simulators, we can supplement the current training flights with scenarios and situations, which, during current live flights, would require disproportionate resources.

Col Holstener-Jørgensen (GUS)

Commander of FW SKP

Arenalogic reduced BAE Aei
time to market by integrating and delivering simulation solutions including ACT link 16 PTT & scenario generator DIS/HLA bridge to NATO customer.

BAE Systems Aerosystems int.

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Welcome to ArenaLogic APS, the leading provider of advanced tactical training solutions for military F-16 pilots worldwide. As a Danish company specializing in military training and simulation, we are driven by our passion for delivering state-of-the-art simulators and training systems that enhance both simulated and live training experiences, empowering pilots to stay prepared and tactically adept in every situation.

Our Vision

At ArenaLogic APS, our vision is to revolutionize military tactical training through innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We strive to empower military organizations worldwide by providing cutting-edge, cost-effective F-16 Tactical Training Simulation Center Solutions that consistently exceed expectations. As we shape the future of military training, we remain dedicated to fostering an environment of continuous improvement, embracing new technologies, and nurturing strategic partnerships that drive positive change and contribute to the safety and success of our global defense forces.

Our Mission

ArenaLogic APS’s mission is to provide military organizations with advanced, realistic, and adaptable F-16 Tactical Training Simulation Center Solutions that enhance the capabilities and readiness of pilots and defense personnel. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and offering unparalleled support services to ensure the highest return on investment. By fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence, we aim to contribute to the safety and success of military forces worldwide while being a trusted partner in their pursuit of tactical mastery

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